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Introducing our new Associate Solicitor, Kathryn.

Worcester Family Law Practice is proud to introduce our new Associate Solicitor, Kathryn! This year we welcomed a new member of staff to our legal team. Kathryn Price, an experienced Family Solicitor with 15 years of valuable experience, joined our ranks as an Associate Solicitor at the Worcester Family Law Practice. Following a highly successful […]

Parenting through divorce: How can I protect my kids?

Going through divorce is one of the most difficult experiences you will ever have to manage and, although as adults we are usually able to rationalise our feelings, are we truly aware of how it is affecting our kids? Even when separation is the best option for you and your family, it doesn’t necessarily make […]

What is Collaborative Law? Divorce with dignity.

  Collaborative Law is based on the premise that effective communication provides a more favourable and less confrontational approach to divorce. It allows the separating couple to express their expectations, objectives and concerns, setting the tone for a more amicable process where they both understand each other and are committed to resolving their differences outside […]

Getting a divorce: What to expect and how your solicitor can help.

People can carry the heavy burden of wanting to get a divorce for years before they feel ready to do anything about it. Often, even just walking into the solicitor’s office for the first time can be a highly emotional experience as the gravity of their decision hits home and becomes a reality. It can […]

Worcester Family Law Practice giving the company a fresh face to legal advice to reflect the recent changes to the firm.

Worcester Family Law Practice is under new management. From associate solicitors to leadership duo, Susan Humes and Marisa Hackett step up to the director’s plate, offering guidance and legal advice to settle all family conflicts. Established back in 2003 as the first niche Family Law Firm in Worcester by former company owner, Paul Kemp – […]