Introducing our new Associate Solicitor, Kathryn.

Worcester Family Law Practice is proud to introduce our new Associate Solicitor, Kathryn!

This year we welcomed a new member of staff to our legal team.

Kathryn Price, an experienced Family Solicitor with 15 years of valuable experience, joined our ranks as an Associate Solicitor at the Worcester Family Law Practice. Following a highly successful 18 months since Susan Humes and Marisa Hackett succeeded as management, and the busiest January in the last 6 years at the firm, we found ourselves in a very fortunate and encouraging position, both for us and for our clients.

With no immediate plans for expanding our workforce, it was a pleasant surprise to be in a position to take on another solicitor as soon as we have.

In order to continue offering an exceptional and personalised service for potential future clients, as well as maintaining good relationships with our current ones, we wanted to ensure that we had adequate – excuse the irony – “manpower”.

As a well-renowned and highly competitive, all female firm in Worcester, we pride ourselves on providing security and support for both modern and traditional families embarking on often problematic and stressful life changes. New financial and familial commitments are complex matters, and there is certainly no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

If you are going through a family breakdown and wish to make legal preparations for separation, divorce or child contact arrangements, we can accommodate you.

If you require security for your financial interests within partnerships, marriages and the family home, Worcester Family Law Practice can offer you reassurance and support there too.

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Solicitors with a wealth of experience in important family matters. Securing your home, your financial needs and the basic framework to help you build and secure your future.

Living Together Agreements, Pre and Post-Nuptial agreements, Financial Remedies, Divorce, and our specialist training in Collaborative Law, has made us the go to Worcester Law Firm for many, in and around Worcestershire.

A good reputation with the family courts has ensured us longevity and success, making us a reliable mouthpiece for our clients and respected among our peers and competitors.

We have had some fantastic feedback from clients who we have assisted in various aspects of family law, and, looking ahead for the company’s future prosperity, we know how crucial it is that we grow at a pace that suits the clientele we continue to cater for.

To us, it will always be important that we maintain our appeal as a small and independent company brand and that we never lose sight of our ultimate aim:

To be an approachable, down-to-earth legal companion, an empathetic but realistic guide through difficult times.

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